Orientation 2016/2017

Thanks to all who attended the orientation session. It was a great turn out with new coaches and new divers. For those who did not attend, your diver’s coach will have their t-shirts for pick up. Also please confirm with them your email address as well so that we have the most up to date way of connecting with you.

Absence: If you know your child will be absent, please inform your coach ahead of time. If it is last minute due to illness, please send email to forestcitydivingclub@gmail.com

Because of the number children in the diving well at any given time, there is no way to make up any missed classes.

Drop off procedure: Parents are to drop their children off at the front desk. If they require assistance with changing, you may ask permission to escort your child to the change room. Absolutely no parents on deck please. Divers must use the change room to gain entry on/off the deck. Pre/post practice, you can meet your child at the entrance/exit by the change room otherwise, they will come up to the main area.

Uniform must consist of their team shirt and shorts for warm up and a bathing suit. We recommend flip flops as the change room and deck floors are not always clean. Of course don’t forget your towel!

Etiquette: ALL DIVERS must shake their coaches hand before and after practice

Practice: Please do not speak with your child or provide any distraction from the viewing gallery. This is practice and your coaches needs 100% of your child’s attention. If you have concerns about the practice, or need to speak with your child’s coach, pelase do so after the practice if the coach is free, or via email detailing your concerns or questions.

Diving is a very unique sport that is all Muscle Memory. This will take time as there will be a lot of repetitions. This is so the body remembers body positioning into the water. Please do not feel discourage, but help you diver understand that the basic “moves” need to be achieved before safe progress can happen.

All coaches: No cellphones on desk. A use of an iPad may be made available to use for training.

Questions regarding Finances: Payment can be made by Cheque, e-transfers, cash. Sorry no further paypal payments will be taken.

Mini Meet: FCDC will host 2 mini meets during the season. Dates to be determined.

Fundraising commitments:

Precomp group min $100, Tier 1/2/3 min $300
Volunteering: TBD – we are only hosting one Tier 2 Provincial Meet this years and that changes the requirements for the season.

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