Dive Ontario Awards Night

Forest city divers and coaches had a wonderful night at Dive Ontario banquet and AGM. The kids all looked fantastic and seemed to have a lot of fun. Also a few of our divers recieved some pretty neat hardware also for their hard work and dedication to the sport

  • Daria Chambers was Outstanding Female diver for her age group and provincials record breaker and named to National Ontario team
  • Alexa Fung was Outstanding Female Diver for her age group a Provincial record breaker and National Team Ontario.
  • Camryn Hughes was Outstanding Female diver for her age group
  • Raquel Scratch was Outstanding Aspire Female diver for her age group and Aspire Team Ontario
  • Jeffery Groves was Outstanding Aspire Male diver for his age group
  • Faith Zachariah is a Provincial record breaker
  • Katlyn Fung was named to the National Ontario Team
  • Ella Hayes was named to the Aspire Team Ontario
  • Ayden Reid was named to Aspire Team Ontario

Thank you to Wing Yun Hu and Luda Zakharenko for all your hard work last year and here’s to another Fantastic year for all the kids