Miami University Open Invitational

4 of our divers were in Ohio this weekend at the Miami University Open Invitational with their coach Wing Yun Hu
The competition started on a Thursday afternoon with Camryn , Abbigail, Nigel and Nathan all doing Open tower
Camryn scores a 214.90and finished 7th
Abbigail scores 172.40 and finished 12th
Nigel scores 236.35 and finished 6 th
Nathan scores 250.05 and finished 4 th

The team did great on tower. It was an impressive event to watch. The Guangdongteam from China was in the event and were doing 109c and getting great scores. My favourite moment of that event was when Nigel entry was a rip and the Chinese divers looked at each other to see who that was and Nigels head popped up and he was applauded by the divers. Our kids competed against university freshmen and older kids and showed them how FCDC dives.

Day 2 was 3m for the ladies
Camryn scores a 269 .5 and finished 12
Abbigail scores 233 and finished 21
Boys competed 1m
Nigel scores 201 and finished 17
Nathan scores 231.85 and finished 12
Girls had 40 divers in their group and the boys had 20 , kids did great in the 2.5 hour event

It was lots of fun and the kids got to experience campus life and diving.

FCDC Divers @ UMiami at Ohio
Miami University Open Invitational