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Competitive Level


Many of our divers start in Learn to Dive. By establishing core body strength, dedication, focus, strong work ethic and attention to finer points of details in the early days, the Evolution of Divers begin!

FDCD holds an annual Tryout for aspiring athletes in late Spring. It is open to all Learn to Dive registrants and athletes of other disciplines. Divers who show potential will be invited to join our entry level Rising Stars program. The goal of this program is to start with the basic foundation of diving in a relaxed and encouraging environment. As the Athlete progresses up the Competition structure, they will begin to work on dive lists for competition. The focus of the Competitive Team is to develop personal excellence, work ethic and self-esteem. Our goal is to help each diver attain his or her own personal level of success whether it is at the Regional, Provincial, National or International Level. Athletes come from another athletic disciplines may already meet the requirements to join our Rising Stars Program. These disciplines include, but are not limited to Gymnastics, Karate, Dance or Figure Skating. Placement of all new athletes is at the discretion of our Coaching team.

Rising Stars


Divers at this level will learn the basics of diving. The Goal is to provide a fun environment for athletes to develop at their own pace while following a structured learning plan to ease them into a competitive environment.

Requirements: • Pool time: 1 hr per week • Dryland: 1 hr per week  

Diver Development


Divers at this level will learn to focus on skills needed to develop a dive list suitable for competing at the Provincial Aspire I/II Level. They will continue to work on the fundamentals and mastery of basic dives

Requirements: • Pool time: 2 hours per week (1hr twice a week) • Dryland: 2 hr per week • Competitions: an on-going assessment will occur to determine if a diver can compete



Divers at this level will dive at our Regional meets and at the Aspire Provincial Championship. The goal of this level is for divers to have an Aspire List by the end of the season and/or to work toward a National list.

Requirements: • Pool time: up to 5 hours a week (schedule varies) • Dryland: up to 3-5 hours a week (schedule varies) • Strength and/or yoga may be incorporated in your training • Competitions: mandatory, up to 4 Regional Meets and Provincial Championship



Divers at this level will compete at our National qualifying meets, with the goal of qualifying for Speedo Junior Development/Elite Nationals and/or Senior Nationals.

Requirements: • Pool time: up to 11-12 hours a week (schedule varies) • Dryland: up to 5 hours a week (schedule varies) • Weight training: National Level (2 hrs a week) • Mandatory Yoga training for flexibility and form • Competitions: mandatory, 3 National Qualifiers in Ontario, up to 3 Out-of-Province Qualifiers, Speedo Jr. Development/Elite Nationals, Sr. Nationals

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