Policies and Code of Conduct: Learn to Dive

Forest City Diving Club
Recreational Sports: PLOUF! Learn to Dive
Policies and Code of Conduct

The FCDC recreational dive program commences in September and FCDC offers 4 sessions in the season. Each session runs for 10 weeks (longer if holidays are involved). PLOUF! Learn to Dive program is designed to increase awareness of our sport in a fun, safe and engaging environment. The key is learning and excelling on the basic skills until mastery.

• PLOUF! LTD Schedules will be posted at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the session
• Current PLOUF! LTD Parents will have priority registration 2 weeks before it is open to public
• Online registration Is recommended as payment is required to secure a class
• Manual registration can be done via email once an account has been created but limited to availability
• Minimum of 3 registered participants are required to run a session.

Family Discount:
• A 10% discount is applied to each additional diver from the same family

Prorating of Fees/Movement in club:
• Should you start a session already in progress, the dive fees will be prorated for the remaining classes in the session
• Should your diver be asked to have a change in status, your paid fees will apply to the new amount due

• Full refund will be provided if notification to the club occurs prior to the start of the session
• Partial refund (50%) will be provided if notification to the club occurs within 2 weeks of the start of the session
• No refund will be provided after the 3rd week of the session
• If the diver is absent due to injury or illness longer that 50% of the session, a credit will be applied for the diver to register in another session in the future. A written notice accompanied by a Doctor’s note must be received in the FCDC email prior.

Missed class:
• Due to class size, there is no make up for missed classes

General FCDC Code of Conduct:
• Attendance should be regular for learning modules to be effective
• Divers must follow their coaches instructions at all times
• Divers must conduct themselves in a respectful and safe manner
• Divers must bring a positive attitude and be ready to work and learn
• Divers must abide by the pool safety regulations when in the water
• Safety first, all divers should be aware of their surroundings at all times
• Absolutely no delinquent behaviour on deck, coaches can discipline divers if safety is compromised
• Inform your coach if you need to leave the deck ie bathroom break
• Divers must shake hands with coach before and at end of practice
• No electronic devices on deck as they can get water damaged

Parent Code of Conduct:
• Parents should bring their diver on time to class
• Parents are not allowed on deck
• Parents are to remain on the viewing level during the session
• Parents should not attempt to speak to their child during the class as this is distracting and can be unsafe when the child’s attention is not on deck
• Parent may take as many photos or videos they wish, however, flash photography can throw off a diver’s point of reference therefore ensure your flash is off
• Parents should model good sportsmanship

• No running on deck
• Always swim to the closest edge once divers have completed their dive
• No horse play on any boards
• No eating or drinking on deck, Divers can bring a water bottle
• Wetsuits can be worn should the diver feel it necessary
• Wearing flip flops is advised as pool decks and change room floors may not be the cleanest
• Diving learned should not apply to backyard pools as serious injury may result
• Divers must respect one another, no pushing in line